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Afghanistan back in the days and how different it is now

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Beautiful Kabul around 1970

Kabul around 1970

King Mohammad Zahir Shah

  I looked through some old photographs which were taken in 1970s. I was amazed how different Afghanistan was then compared to how it is now. My country was a very modest place back then, majority of women didn’t wear headscarf, and they were all educated and stylish. They got married when they wanted, with whoever they wanted and even love marriage was acceptable then. There wasn’t any objection when it came to being treated equally with a man. Especially in Kabul, families were very open minded and the city was secured financially. This was when the Communist had power and King Mohammad Zahir Shah was the King at the time until he was brutally killed. He gave women freedom of speech and right to vote.

Ladies dressed modern

My mother always talks about the time she was young. She always says Afghanistan was a very peaceful and safe country. It had beautiful parks where every Friday she would go with my grandparents and have fun among themselves and with other families. She loved Fridays because they would do something fun on that day. My country had amazing tourist places and hotels. The life style was exactly the same as it is in Britain.

As soon as the war started with Russia, families become paranoid and insecure. Since then a lot of people died, a lot of kids lost their parents, their homes, left education and began working. I heard no one knew about drugs like heroin and crack before the war started. No one took drugs and now millions are drug addicts due to depression and it’s all because of the war. As soon as the war started, girls got married at the age of 12 to avoid kidnapping and rape. When I hear the stories, it makes me shiver. Most people hid at home, to hide from bombs and rockets. Just men went out, worked, earn money and their lives are in danger. However, I feel that the people are used to the war constantly taking place. I have heard and seen that they ignore it and get on with whatever they are doing. Some people find it something normal because they are used to the rockets and bombs taking place outside their yard. The war started before I was born and it is still on-going but with different countries and day by day the situation is getting worst. It is really upsetting, seeing my country falling apart and nothing is being done to prevent it from getting ruined even more. It just breaks my heart!

Women with her 2 daughters smoking opium

Women with her 2 daughters smoking opium