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Recent suicide Bombings happening in Afghanistan

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2 people injured in suicide bombing

2 people injured in suicide bombing

What I don’t understand is why would someone attach a bomb to his chest and stand in a busy street and blow himself up. Take dozens of innocent lives, someone’s mother, someone’s father on purpose and not even by accident. Nothing is being done about it and no one is stopping it not even President Karzai. Doesn’t he have a responsibility? Shouldn’t he be the one protecting Afghanistan and looking after its people? This is madness! I think he should stop blaming the Talibans and find out who is actually responsible for all these killings taking place. He is getting too soft. A few days ago, in Kunduz province in Northern Afghanistan, a crowd of people were watching a game of buzkashi; it is a traditional Afghan sport, where players on horseback use a heavy headless goat carcass instead of a ball. A man attached with a bomb, came into the stadium, blew himself up and killed several innocent fans and injured dozens. I don’t see this happening in other countries as much as it happens in Afghanistan.

President Karzai

In Kabul, six suicide bombers attacked a building belonging to Afghanistan’s National Directorate of Security in Kabul, injuring 17 people which is outrages and unacceptable.
In my opinion, only a sick person who is mentally ill is capable of doing something like this.

Recently I found out that not only men blow themselves up on the streets, women do these things as well. Shocking.. I would think a woman would act like a lady and not get involved in such things!

A group of suicide bombers, a female with a few males, drove a minibus carrying passengers and explosives, blew themselves up which killed about 9 people, including flight crew members contracted with the United States. What is this world coming too? Why are people so thirsty for human blood? I sometimes get the feeling that some people are just not happy living a peaceful life. They want to see people around them suffering and even dying.