Living in Britain as an Afghan

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My name is Homayra and I am from Afghanistan. I came to England when I was 5-years-old and have followed both the Afghan culture and British culture, which can be difficult sometimes. I am Muslim and try my best to follow my religion as well. However, I am not too religious and not too westernized. I am in between because I believe being strict on religion could be good but difficult to follow every rule. Being too westernized can bring shame in to the family as my people say. Just because I live away from Afghanistan, I am expected to follow the Afghan  culture and tradition.
When I tell people where I am from, they get very surprised and the first question they ask is how I feel about my country constantly being in war. I give them an honest answer. It upsets me seeing my people who are innocent suffer so much. They ask if I would ever move back to Afghanistan. I say yes of course I would move back but when the war is over. Don’t get me wrong, I love London and its people but living in my own country is a different feeling, it is great, I am surrounded by my own people, who speak the same language, dress the same as me and most importantly I would know my culture and religion better because I will learn from people.

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2 Responses to “Living in Britain as an Afghan”

  1. nice, whatever u said, is exactly true. the people of afghanistan at the mean time, if they want they can do anything, they can take the country to the top of the world, they can economically stable the country, but they have no patriotism to they country, they are all corrupt, they karzai is corrupt, they leaders are corrupt. there is no war at the moment going on in the country, they can secure the country, but first the system need to be set!!! their is system, law, sharia, but the problem is it is not being FOLLOWED. we afghans, blame the talibans, and the system, but we never blame ourselves, we never see the responsibility we have as a citizen, we never follow the rules, the sysyem, than how can we blame the system. its all upto us!

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